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This tutorial provides training in the skills needed to conduct library-based 
research in the arts, humanities and social sciences. It is designed for postgraduate
researchers, but anyone conducting this type of research will find this tutorial useful.

Studies have established a thirteen step model of the research process. You may not
fulfill them all, or indeed follow the order below, but elements of this process will exist
at every level of study.


  • Conceptualising new research, developing proposals, and identifying funding 
  • Seeking new information
  • Information management
  • Data collection
  • Data discovery, management and curation
  • Sharing, discussion and online collaboration
  • Analysisng and reflecting on information and data
  • Writing and dissemination
  • Compliance, IP, copyright and other satuatory requirements
  • Preservation
  • Quality Assessment and impact Commercialisation
  • Emerging technology

The following tutorial addresses the early stages of this process although you need to recognise that later elements such as emerging technology, and copyright have impacts on what you access and how you use it.

The next screen introduces the four modules of the tutorial.